Visual Basic

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Wanna know how to make a program that can do anything you can imagine?  Try Visual Basic!  Visual Basic is one of the great beginner programming languages a person new to coding could start off with.  To start coding in Visual Basic all you need is some experience in basic math, common sense, a good memory and a lot of imagination. 

            Visual Basic was originally invented by Microsoft to make windows form and console applications for use by developers to run simple tasks like self-extractors or file deletion console applications.  Now it can do things like make games and advanced programs like Office Word or Powerpoint. 

            Visual Basic’s code is based off of the Binary number system of 1’s and 0’s called machine code (The most basic of all coding).  It then takes it and converts all the 1’s and 0’s into understandable variables and lines of words and punctuation.  An example of the Binary that Visual Basic or any languages are based off of is:    

1          =          0000

2          =          0001

3          =          0010

4          =          0011

5          =          0100

6          =          0101

7          =          0110

8          =          0111

9          =          1000

And on and on and on until you get a pattern that makes up words!


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