Ulrich Zwingli

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          Uldrich Zwingli was an early Swiss reformer in the 16th century AD.  His main goal was to remove all the pressure provided by the Catholic Church from the common people.  The main reason these early reformers like Zwingli or Martin Luther came about was all the restrictions the Catholic Church provided that restricted people from doing simple things like owning their own copy of the Bible. 

            This restriction included all the bans on sinning, different laws about having kids and more.  However, what really made many of these reformers mad was the fact that the pope was selling these little pieces of paper that got “rid” of all your sins.   These “Miracle” papers where called indulgences and the profits where used to use build a GIANT cathedral for the pope and his people only.  The reformers hated this because it gave people a false sense of relief from bad stuff they did and all the money went to a bad cause.

            Ulrich was an interesting reformer because he did not put himself out there about his beliefs Except about his belief that everyone should be able to read and own their own copies of the Bible (At that time only the church leaders owned copies of the Bible.  This got him into trouble later when he started getting more famous for his small rebellions.  His followers started getting angry when he was not “putting in his all” during the reformations.  The followers had had enough of his weak dedication to the reformation.  Therefore, all the followers decided to form a group of hardcore rebels called the Anabaptists they took the early reformers ideas even farther and they ended up getting themselves in much more trouble even than some of the famous reformers. 

            Some remaining examples of Anabaptists are the Amish and Mennonite religious groups.  One way the Anabaptists took it to far was they baptized there children before they where eight days old which caused a lot of early deaths that could have been prevented.  Some of the lasting changes to the Catholic Church was that the church was no longer allowed to use Organs for music, also the priests where now aloud to get married freely without shame and being shunned.

            There you have all about the latter part of the early reformation and Ulrich Zwingli and his followers.  That part in time was very important to western civilization because it allowed people to warship the bible in the way and amount they wanted without being shamed or even killed by the church.  One thing that allowed the people to get copies of the Bible was the new invention of the Gutenburg Printing Press.  Without that they might never have gotten the Bible out there.




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