Month: September 2013

ICS (Incident Command Center)

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                                            Incident Command System (ICS)

The Incident Command System is a systematic tool used for the coordination and control of an emergency situation. The person in control is called the incident commander or IC he is in charge of the whole operation and has up to 32 groups of specialists under him. here is a layout of the ICS grouping:

As you can see there are many different groups of people under the IC the 3 main officers under the IC are the public information officer he is in charge of coordinating information to news stations and reporters and controlling its feed.

The next is the Liaison officer he controls the contact of representatives and their involvment in the SAR operation taking place. And finally the Safety officer who oversees the whole operations safety standpoint and if need be interacts new rules to keep everyone safe.

You can see the ICS is a very organized group with its intentions being to safely control the SAR operation the local SAR group is pulling off at the time. It has one main control rule, “no one person has less than 3 or more than 7 people under him or her.” To stop one person being swamped by having to organize too many people at once.